Within minutes of meeting the esteemed doctors of Pediatric Dentistry and Orthodontics of Chattanooga, it’s clear: working together to provide patients the best care possible is their top priority. In fact, teamwork and friendship served as the catalysts for connecting two established orthodontic groups – McCamish, Cooper and Dyer Orthodontics, and McDaniel Orthodontics – with the equally respected Pediatric Dentistry of Chattanooga. “We first started working together in Ooltewah,” says orthodontist Dr. KC Dyer of his colleague and fellow partner, pediatric dentist Dr. Chad Eslinger. “Chad would have a patient who needed an orthodontist quickly or I’d have a child who needed the dentist right away and we’d say, ‘We can make that work, we’ll fit you in,’ and it was simply better for the patient working together,” he says.


A lot of dental and orthodontic practices across the country are merging because many children ages 7 – 13 years old require both types of treatment simultaneously. Yet, PDOC is completely opposite from the cliché large doctor group with impersonal service where patients get lost in the shuffle. Whether it’s passion for the job, trust earned from years (even generations) treating Chattanooga area families, or teamwork built on genuine friendship outside of the office, they’ve created a practice that truly values patients. “We’ve made a commitment to make it work. Sometimes it’s not the most convenient for us, but that’s okay,” says Eslinger. “Half of our orthodontic appointments are same-day dental visits, and if I can’t do a same-day appointment, I’ll come in early the next morning. I think when you go the extra mile and make that effort to be available, families appreciate it. Working in the same practice, we can do that more easily.”


The group’s principal partners also include orthodontists Dr. Andy McDaniel, Dr. Jeril Cooper, and pediatric dentist Dr. Jason Blair. To maintain the integrity of patient care, they divide office locations in Ooltewah, Downtown Chattanooga, Cleveland, Brainerd, Ringgold and Jasper, along with Signal Mountain, where the addition of a pediatric dentistry office is slated for Spring of 2020.  “We divided it up because we didn’t want to be spread too thin; we want to be available at each office,” says Dyer.


Combining resources benefits both the practice’s staff and the patients on so many levels; from filling out insurance and medical forms, to billing, to scheduling, to same-day visits and on-site consultations, to 24-hour access to emergency care. “It’s been so positive with patients in the short amount of time since the merger. I think the convenience makes a difference,” Dyer says.


In the end, their sole intention is continually treating families the way they want to be treated by offering quality care, in a convenient way, in an environment that kids and parents really enjoy and feel comfortable in.


“We’ve cut down on a lot of visits for parents,” says Eslinger. “If kids need wires out to get their teeth cleaned, or dental extractions, orthodontic adjustments – we can do all of that in one day. When they check out from a pediatric visit, they can make an appointment with ortho for that child or other family members. They’re already in the system, no extra paperwork, it’s all there,” he says. “We talk every day about how to make the system better. Most of all, at the end of their visit, we want them to say not only did they get great care, but they had the nicest doctors with the nicest staff you could ask for.”